JudoSaurus offers Judo based activities for pre-school children age 3-5yrs. JudoSaurus has been developed by a former professional BJA level 2 Judo coach who noticed a lack of Judo based activities for his own children.
JudoSaurus aims to bring the physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits of Judo to early years. Sessions are based on developing physical literacy, movement, and of course, fun. The project has a follow-on development pathway to many local community Judo clubs.
Fundamental Movement

Why JudoSaurus?

It is now a well-known fact that young children not only want but require daily active play in order to develop the foundational physical literacy needed to have an active life. Play assists to develop physical coordination and motor skills, but also assists in enhancing the development of brain function, posture, and balance. Play helps children to become confident, gain emotional control, and develop both social skills and imagination while at the same time reducing stress and improving sleep. Using our interpretation of the curriculum for excellence, as well as the Judo moral code your child will develop physical competency, physical fitness, cognitive skills and have all kinds of fun at the same time. For more information on the curriculum for excellence please see here. For more on the Judo moral code please see JudoScotland.

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Current Venues

JudoSaurus is undergoing a rapid Evolution! We want to bring the benefits of Judo to your little Dinosaurs wherever they may be, new venue area will be announced over the coming weeks. Click onto the links below to be re-directed to our current venue areas fo class timetables and availability:

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